Piccola Metro Rome


The Piccola Metro Spa, Beauty & Massage centre not only offers Spa and Massage facilities in Rome, but also offers a wide selection of Beauty Treatments.

Double Mask – dermatological face lift and firming

This double treatment mask lift-ox belongs to the Kianty product line and is the proposed treatment by Bruno Vassari to effect botox. Using a new technique to utilise a double mask, the result is smoother skin that appears relaxed and with a reduction of deep wrinkles.

Kianty Viniferin Eye & Lip Treatment

The cells of the epithelial tissue, as with other cells of the body, slow down their regeneration process as the years pass. This is the main cause of skin aging and oxidation due to the 90% exposure to sunlight. This oxidation process damages the internal elements of the cells, accelerating their deterioration and slowing their ability to regenerate. This treatment is suitable for skin with signs of aging on the face particularly around the eyes and is specifically recommended as a preventative treatment for expression lines. Immediately visible results.

Auto Moisturising – an intensive facial moisturizing process

Aqua Genomics is the new hydration and moisturizing line of Bruno Vassari. Based on the results of Cosmetic genome studies, this science analyses the interaction between the active ingredients of cosmetics and the genome. This treatment offers a proper hydration of the face to contribute to the proper balance between water and lipids for a visibly more healthy and revitalised face.

Intensive Treatment for Sensitive Skin

Around 50% of Europeans suffer from sensitive skin. Such skin is more susceptible to damage caused by external factors and is less adaptable to physiological changes and conditions. This sensitivity is due to alterations of the barrier functions of the skin which makes it more sensitive to external stimuli. This treatment is therefore recommended to reduce the sensitivity of the delicate skin regardless of it’s type.

Calming Treatment for Fragile Red Skin

Skin with rosacea is characterised by a burning sensation, tension, soreness, redness and the brokenness of small veins and capillaries that give the skin an extremely fragile nature. The main objective of this treatment is to hydrate the skin and give it greater comfort and elasticity, increasing its resistance to external irritation and is specifically recommended for those with rosacea. This treatment reduces redness, calms the skin and reinforces the veins and capillaries to protect against ruptures.

Oil Control – Treatment for greasy facial skin

Oily skin and a greasy complexion is one of the most widespread conditions and one of the most common reasons to receive cosmetic treatment. The problem is caused by an increase in the activity of the sebaceous glands which produces an increase in the excess of oily sebum. The consequence of this excess sebum is that your skin looks blotchy and annoyingly shiny. This treatment is recommended to treat oily or stained skin which lessens the shiny effect and improves skin texture.

Vite Vitality Treatment – Firming and Remodelling Body Skin

The firming and remodelling body treatment of Vite Vitality is a true sensory experience that balances one’s body and mind. Combining the benefits of algae and wine, this skin treatment is recommended for people with loose skin and fatty deposits. This treatment is especially good to firm and tonify the skin to give a better appearance.

Vitis Treatment for Cellulite and Body Water Retention

This treatment is specifically aimed at those with cellulite or suffer from water retention due to circulatory problems. In fact a common problem associated with cellulite is water retention. The properties of the treatment algae such as the high iodine content and trace elements, together with the properties of the grape, such as the polyphenols and antioxidants, make the treatment ideal for draining and anti-oxidising the skin.

Toscana Treatment for those with hardened cellulite

This treatment is ideal for those with compacted or hardened cellulite. This type of cellulite is characterised by nodules palpable through the skin that are hard and painful, and often very difficult to remove. This treatment uses various application techniques utilising the benefits of the polyphenols of grapes and seaweed.

The Cryogenic Treatment for heavy legs

During the warmer seasons, our body tends to retain more water giving us a feeling of heaviness in the legs and swollen areas. This cryogenic treatment with cold compresses help improve this feeling and quickly improve blood circulation. Moreover, this treatment is rapidly effective against fatty deposits and cellulite. The cold compression bandages mobilise the fats, with visible results from the very first session. Due to its speed, simplicity, low cost and good results, this treatment is always a good choice for those who can tolerate the cold. This treatment is recommended not only for those with swollen and heavy legs but also for those who wish to improve skin tone and reduce cellulite.

Bithermic Slimming Treatment

The Vassari Bruno Bithermic Slimming Treatment is particularly suitable for those who want to reduce their volume but maintain skin firmness. In this treatment we start a process of changing the temperature allowing movements at the cellular level to promote the elimination of toxins, cellular nutrition and collagen synthesis.

Waxing Treatments:

  • Full body (woman) – legs, groin, armpits and arms
  • Entire leg and groin (woman)
  • Entire leg (woman)
  • Half leg and groin (woman)
  • Half leg (woman)
  • Total face (woman)
  • Total arm (woman)
  • Total groin
  • Buttocks
  • Bikini and armpit areas
  • Full body (man) – legs, chest, back, arms
  • Entire leg (man)
  • Total arm (man)
  • Chest
  • Back
  • Upper lip and eyebrows
  • Armpits
  • Eyebrows
  • Upper lip
  • Colouration of the eyebrows

In addition, our staff can carry out some standard beauty treatments including:

  • Face cleansing
  • Manicure for women

  • Complete manicure with the application of a semi-permanent gel

  • Application of hand semi-permanent gel

  • Manicure for men

  • Pedicure for women

  • Pedicure for men

  • Specific Pedicure

  • Pedicure with a semi-permanent gel

  • Application of the semi-permanent gel to the feet