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Whether you have a specific muscular issue, or you simply want to de-stress and relax, then our comprehensive range of professional massages here at Piccola Metro Spa Rome are perfect for you. Additionally our Spa facilities and Beauty Treatments can add the icing on the cake to make you feel as healthy and at ease as possible. A selection of some of the massages on offer are listed below:

Candle Massage

With the candle massage, clients are plunged into a state of deep relaxation and harmony. The massage uses the oil from a candle where its low melting point allows the wax to form a warm massage oil with a pleasant texture and scent. The massage is certainly unforgettable with the client experiencing totally at ease in both body and mind. The warm 100% natural oils and relaxing aromatherapy stimulate the senses and allow the daily stress to simply melt away. The candles are made from soybean or cocoa oil such that at the optimum temperature the wax takes on a silky oily texture perfect for massage at a comfortable temperature. Following the candle massage, the skin feels soft, moisturised and lightly scented.

Holistic Massage

The holistic massage is a delicate technique that brings relief to the muscles and culminates in a state in which the client feels all of their energy levels and muscular tensions in a harmonious state. It is a massage designed to relieve muscle tension and emotional stress that accumulate in the tissues. The holistic massage takes care of the synthesis of the mind-body relationship and is thus a treatment of the whole person. ‘Holistic’ means in fact “one piece” from the Greek term olos meaning all) and thus a holistic massage is a massage aimed at the whole person. The main feature of this massage that makes it so special is that by the massage of the body’s main energy points, a deep emotional stimulus is released and thus it tends to have an effect on the mind and the spirit.

Ayurvedico Abyangham Massage

Ayurveda is not only a science, but is also a religion, a philosophy. It is a holistic system of medicine native to India. The key concept of Ayurveda is: Balance. The perfect balance is eternally available to the level of pure consciousness – the Vedas. This tradition teaches us how to keep the balance of being: Mind, Spirit and Consciousness. According to Ayurveda, these three elements (the Tridosha) govern all biological, psychological and physiological aspects of the body, mind and consciousness. When the three are out of balance, this contributes to illness and lack of health. The massage can also be carried out using cotton containing herbs and heated which are then rubbed on the face & body with fluid movements on the Marma points and along the meridans.

Hot Stones Massage

From the shamanic wisdom and culture of the American Indians, the hot stones massage is the pleasant experience of contact with the forces of nature. In this form of massage, the heat and magnetic energy of the lava stones pervades your entire body and spirit giving you a re-energising and harmonious feeling.

Lomi Lomi Nui Hawayano Massage

Passed down by ancient healers of Hawai called the Kahuna, this massage is a fascinating interaction between the close relationship of the masseuse and the client as they dance to the beat of Hawaiian music and lulled by the soft sound of the waves. Defined as the “massage of change” it is performed at major life events such as marriages, cohabitation, job changes and more.

Connective Tissue Massage

The connective tissue massage is also known as the breaking tissue massage, the detoxifying massage, the draining massage or the toning massage and works primarily on the back and face. For the first few times it may feel unpleasant although it is of great proven efficiency in releasing muscle tension and increasing skin elasticity. The connective tissue face massage is a deep massage that stimulates the microfibers and fibroblasts that produce collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. With skin aging, these 3 substances are in short supply which is why wrinkles first appear. The massage therefore has a great lifting effect, oxygenates tissues, flattens wrinkles and thickens the skin.

Break Massage

This is not a true massage but rather a series of techniques to “unblock” and loosen the neck (cervical), back (trapezius) and the sciatic nerve. The first two of these are often stiffened by poor posture or simply because they are the focus areas where all the tensions accumulate during the day and which give us stiff and annoying pains. To rediscover the pleasure of a fluid movement of the neck or the feeling of a lighter back, or ease pain caused by the compression of the sciatic nerve, then these techniques will prove extremely beneficial.

Relaxing Massage

Recommended for those with bad posture, muscle spasms or discomfort due to small cervical pains or pains that often accompany work stress this massage lasts for 80 minutes. This massage is great to recover form and free movement.

Abyangham, Pindu

The massage of Indian origin is performed using cotton parcels containing herbs and heated with which to wrap the face and body movements with fluid movements and deep movements at strategic places on the body.

Ayurvedic Massage for pregnant women "Garbhayangam"

During the 9 month pregnancy, the mother experiences a varied range of emotions such as joy and fear and over time it is almost inevitable that they experience stress, anxiety and depression that can manifest themselves in varying symptoms. The Garbhayangam massage performed from 0 to 9 months refers to any situation which the pregnant lady may experience and helps emotional release helping to relax the mother and consequently the soul in her womb always starting from the assumption that the mother and the baby are one – the one in all.

Lymph Drainage (Vodder Method)

In addition to the blood circulatory system we also have a second system that allows us to eliminate “macroscorie” and always keep our body in good health – i.e. the lymphatic system. This massage, beneficial from several points of view, is made up of slow movements that drain and clean the lymphatic channels and endings of our bodies. This is extremely healthy and produces visible aesthetic results.

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